This is what happens when I agree to be Duncan's surrogate mother.

  • Duncan: So? We're destined to marry beautiful people.
  • Devan: And have beautiful (adopted?) babies.
  • Duncan: You're not going to be my surrogate???
  • Devan: If that's what you and your husband wish! Damn beautiful babies, if I do say so myself.
  • Duncan: Wait. Will the kid be ginger?
  • Devan: ...why would he be ginger. I mean, he might if (when) I marry Benedict Cumberbatch because he has natural red hair in a beautiful non-ginger way.
  • Duncan: Do you have ginger in your family?
  • Devan: Oh no.
  • Duncan: We're good then. I think our children would be fantastically gorgeous and so smart. I hope they get your brains.
  • Devan: I hope they get your looks.
  • Duncan: If we have a girl and she doesn't have your chest: adoption.
  • Devan: HAHAHAHAHA.
  • Duncan: Totally disowning that child.

Missouri Law: Teachers and Students Can't Be Facebook Friends

Glad I’ve graduated. I, for one, used Facebook to communicate with teachers regularly. It was great for clarifying assignments when teachers weren’t at school (and didn’t have access to school email or phone), especially over long weekends and breaks. As co-editor-in-chief of my school newspaper, my adviser and I used Facebook to communicate with my staff regularly. (It’s no secret that students check Facebook more than their own emails.)

It’s a communication site. No different than a teacher having access to a student’s phone, address or email. (Most teachers already use/access these things commonly.) 

Missouri, can’t you put all this effort into Joplin relief or something useful? This law is archaic, and I can guarantee legislators didn’t make a significant effort to ask educators and parents about their opinions on the law.