Alarming charts show throwing money at police doesn’t make our cities safer

The recent images of armored transport on suburban streets show that much of America wrongly approaches safety at home as a peacekeeping problem. More danger on the streets must mean we need better-equipped police to impose stricter order.

Our communities aren’t war zones though.

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Andrew McMahon's Life After Pop Punk | BuzzFeed


How is “Cecilia and the Satellite” not a huge hit already?

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  • Moffat: You should flirt with Clara
  • Capaldi: NO WAIT I have a better idea... Dinosaur.
  • Moffat: Wait wha-
  • Capaldi: The doctor should flirt-
  • Moffat: I don't-
  • Capaldi: WITH A DINOSAUR.
  • Moffat: Um
  • Capaldi: *whispers* dinosauuur.
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I am a photographer

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Bill Gates jumping over a chair

nice one bill


Kim Kardashian tells Brody Jenner about Kanye West’s arrest when he attacked a paparazzo at LAX in 2013, proving that her husband is the king of everything.